Monday, September 22, 2008

how to backup

Backing Up

  1. Right click on desktop, create new folder
  2. Name it “bu and the date” ie. bu0803008 (you cannot use hyphens or dashes)
  3. Copy files by using the copy and paste function into the bu folder. When copying from one location to another on the same drive you must use the copy and paste method, otherwise it will move the file from its original location. When you are copying to a different drive (C drive to an external drive, you may use the drag and drop method.)
  4. Drag and drop that backup folder into (onto) a thumb drive or other backup media
  5. With files like Outlook and Quickbooks the data file is not stored in “My Documents” so it is important to use the back up or export function under the “File” menu.

    1. for example in Outlook 2000 under the “File” menu click on “Import/Export”
    2. click on Export to a file. Click next. Use down arrow to find “Personal Folder File (.pst)” Highlight it (by clicking on it) and hit next
    3. Hit browse and find the location you wish to export it to (Presumably the “bu” folder on the desktop or the thumb drive)
    4. Name the file (buinboxdate) and click next and follow the instructions. Note if you want to back up the address book (called contacts) then make sure you have this highlighted with the box checked which says “include sub-folders”
    5. Hit “no encryption” and follow instructions.

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